The Greatest Comic Book Villains of All Time

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so sorry it took so long to get this out. This is the fourth and final installment of villain month (well, month and a half now), and all that’s left to do is comic book villains!

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So, without further ado, let the games begin!


Let the games begin!

10. Apocalypse


The original Mutant, Apocalypse is over 5000 years old and extremely powerful. Over the ages he has been revered as a warlord as well as a god by a multitude of civilizations. And of course they would as he is immensely powerful! He can teleport, manipulate energy, absorb machines to enhance himself, enhance other people in the same way and make them into his servants, is a genius, and is, most of all, immortal. Power isn’t everything, though. This guy’s got vision. He doesn’t want to just rule the world, he wants to transform it into his own twisted empire of mutants!

9. Venom


Goo. That’s all he is. Or parasitic alien goo, to be more precise. In fact, he’s not really even that evil. All he wants is to survive, and to do that, he needs a host body. Being the goo’s host isn’t all bad, though. The host gets enhanced strength, speed, sight, and Spiderman-like web-slinging abilities. The only downside is that whatever negative personality traits the host has are amplified as well, meaning that if you are a bad guy, you’ll become really bad. Even Spiderman, who wore the parasite for a while, became a pretty nasty person. After Spiderman ditched the goo, it bonded with a much more evil person and Venom was born. Venom is Spiderman’s antithesis. The same but evil, and that’s why he’s such great villain.

8. Thanos


Thanos is one super baddy. He is fascinated with death, and is in love with its physical embodiment, Mistress Death, for whom he killed his own family. Already extremely powerful, thanos seeks the infinity gems, which together would make him omnipotent. Once he does actually gather them, he destroys half of all living things in the universe just to prove his love to Death. That’s one messed up super villain!

7. Green Goblin


Probably Spiderman’s most successful villain in terms of pushing Spiderman to the brink, green Goblin, aka Norman Osborne, is another example of what happens to crooked people when they are given super strength. In Norman’s case, it made him insane. Equipped with a combat ready glider and an assortment of Halloween themed weapons and explosives, the Green Goblin is one lethal psychopath. I mean, how many villains can claim to have killed the hero’s girlfriend? Actually, let me rephrase that. How many villains can claim to have killed the hero’s girlfriend by the hero’s own hand?

6. Darkseid


Essentially the equivalent of a dark space god, Darkseid is every bit as powerful as Superman, if not more so, and as evil as the devil himself. His ultimate goal is to eliminate all free will in the universe and reshape it in his image. The scary thing is that he nearly did it, almost destroying all of existence in the process. Perhaps one of his most terrifying traits is the fact that he can survive the destruction of his body. When his body is destroyed, he can transport his spirit into another body and continue his reign of terror.

5. Lex Luthor


One of the smartest and most driven characters comic book history, Lex Luthor is the arch-enemy of Superman. The thing is, he has no super powers. Using only his brains and meticulous personality, he has brought the Man of Steel to his knees more than once. He is an industrialist and a corporate power, and has even been the President of the United States at one point. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, though. He also occasionally uses a robotic exoskeleton to fight superheroes.

4. Dr. Doom


One of Marvel’s original baddies and one all around messed up guy. Dressed in a cloak and armor, Dr. Doom imitates the personification of Death. He is obsessed with his own superiority and wears an iron mask to hide a small scar on his cheek, as he believes that the scar proves that he is not as perfect as he’d like to be. He can manipulate electricity, is telepathic, is a sorcerer, and his armor grants him superhuman strength and flight. Like most good comic book villains, he wants to rule the world, and he’s got the resources to do it, too.

3. Loki


Loki, foster brother to the mighty Thor, is the god of mischief and one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel universe. Though he looks like an Asgardian, Loki is a Frost Giant, and he resents his adopted father, Odin, for treating him as if he were inferior to Thor. Loki was directly responsible for assembling the first team of Avengers when he plotted to take over Earth, and has caused more problems than just about any other supervillain. Though not as strong as Thor, he is incredibly powerful in other ways. He can fly, shape shift, teleport between dimensions, knows black magic, can shoot energy from his body, and can control people’s minds through hypnosis.

2. Magneto


Magneto isn’t exactly the most powerful mutant. In fact, he’s not even close. But then again, he doesn’t need to be. That’s not to say he’s not powerful, but I’d be willing to bet that he wouldn’t need any power at all to be as formidable as he is. No, what makes him great is his vision. He can inspire people far more powerful than himself to follow him, amassing an army of super powered mutants. And the thing is, he really isn’t evil. All he wants is to make the world a better place for mutants to live in. The only problem with that is that he has no problem with eliminating all of the non-mutants to do it.

1. Joker


How can you top the Joker? Sure, he’s not very strong or powerful, but he makes up for it in pure madness. In fact, what makes Joker great is that he can do enormous amounts of damage and bring even the greatest of heroes to their knees without powers. He is wholly unpredictable and often manipulates people through their darkest fears. And he doesn’t even do it for anything in return. He doesn’t want power or wealth or revenge. All he wants is chaos. He wants the world to be as crazy as he is. It also doesn’t hurt that he looks like a sadistic clown, which would honestly make him a great villain in itself.

That’s what I think, anyway. Be sure to cast your vote below!

The Top 10 Book Villains of All Time


Here we are in the second entry into my Villain Appreciation Month tribute. Last time I gave my list of the greatest movie villains of all time. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link to the article ( This week, I’m giving my list of the greatest book villains of all time.

Now, just as a reminder, this is only one of four categories of villain lists. There are movies (the last one), books (this one), comic books, and video games. There is no overlap of villains, so all villains will only appear in the lists covering the medium that they originally appeared in, so Joker, for instance, won’t be in the movie list because he’s from a comic book.

And don’t forget to vote on who you think is the best at the bottom. After all the lists have been made, I’ll compile a top ten out of the villains you all voted for from all the lists, giving us the overall greatest villain of all time!

Oh, and uh… I made a mistake in the last list. The number 1 (and of course, it had to be number 1 :/) in my movie list, Norman Bates, turns out to be from a book, so I have to retract him. Fortunately, he’s being moved to this list, because, ya know, he’s from a book. Now, I know it’s hard to believe, and I’m sorry, but people on the internet make mistakes, too.

Anyway, without further ado,

Shall we begin?


Yeah, he’s from a movie. He’s not in the list, so get over it.

10. The Frankenstein Monster – Frankenstein


There have been many incarnations of the Frankenstein monster over the years, but none has been more terrifying or iconic than the original. Mary Shelley’s version wasn’t just some grunting, slow-walking zombie, like later incarnations portray him. No, he was fast, he was strong, and above all, he was super smart. I’d even go as far as to say that he was even smarter than Victor Frankenstein, the man who created him. Couple that with the fact that he hates the world for being unable to see past his grotesque appearance, and you’ve got yourself a good villain. Sure, you can sympathize with him. After all, it’s not his fault he’s so ugly. But that doesn’t excuse him from being a murderer.


9. Wicked Witch of the West – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


She’s mean, she’s green, and she’s got an army of flying monkeys. Despite all her power, the Wicked Witch of the West is a little peculiar as far as witches go. She is afraid of the dark (odd, no?), mostly only has power over wild animals, and can be killed by a bucket’s worth of water. There’s a reason for this, though. She, like everything else in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is a metaphor for the political world of the time it was written. That, though, is a story for a different post. And, metaphor or not, the Wicked Witch of the West is an awesome and brutal villain, certainly deserving this no. 9 spot on the list.


8. Ersnt Stavro Blofeld – You Only Live Twice / On Her Majesty’s Secret Service / Thunderball


This dude is the original super villain. Also known as Number 1, Blofeld is the head of an evil organization, has a fluffy white cat, is bald, has a big scary chair, and has plans for world domination. You can’t get much more evil than that! Arch enemy to James Bond, Blofeld and his organization, SPECTRE, has consistently been a major threat to the world. Oh, and if you noticed that he has a striking resemblance to Dr. Evil, it’s because Dr. Evil was modeled after him.


7. The White Witch – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe / The Magician’s Nephew


She’s as evil as she is beautiful, and that’s pretty dang evil. A lot of villains try to conquer things. It’s a pretty evil thing to do, after all. But the White Witch, or Jadis, actually does, successfully taking over the land of Narnia, and ruling with an iron (er, icy) fist for 100 years. She is extremely powerful and possesses eternal youth. In fact, the only one that can stop her is Aslan (Lion Jesus), which is fitting, as she is pretty much the equivalent of the Devil in The Chronicles of Narnia.


6. Norman Bates – Psycho


Yeah, I screwed up on the last list. But now Norman is on the book list, where he belongs. Too bad for him that the competition is a little tougher here. He went from being no. 1 to no. 6. Ouch! Still, it can’t be denied that he is a horrifying villain, and one of the most realistic of the bunch. He could be an actual person. That’s TERRIFYING! The guy kills his mom, leaves her corpse in his house, dresses up like her, thinks he is her, and kills people! That’s downright creepy. The scariest part is, for all you know, this guy could be your neighbor. He’s one of the greatest villains, for sure. To be honest, I’m getting scared just thinking about him.

5. Professor James Moriarty – The Final Problem


Moriarty is to Sherlock Holms what Blofeld is is to James Bond. The arch nemesis! He is the architect of a great deal of the seemingly random crime in London, and amasses a vast fortune because of it. He is a bonafide genius, and evil to his core. The only complaint I have about this villain is what he has become in the recent Sherlock Holmes TV show. The show is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but that is not Moriarty, or at least not if you want to go by the book.


4. Hannibal Lector – Silence of the Lambs


He’s a serial killer. He’s a cannibal. He’s a genius. He is just plain creepy! Like Norman Bates, Hannibal Lector could exist in our real world. That’s just a terrifying concept, if I do say so myself, so I think I’d prefer to move on to no. 3. There’s really noting else to be said about this monster that hasn’t been already, anyway.


3. Voldemort – The Harry Potter series


Anyone who thinks that Voldemort is rated too high on this list isn’t very well versed in the Harry Potter books. He is a genius (Hmm… Seems like a lot of geniuses end up being villains, doesn’t it?), he’s a power hungry sociopath, and he’s a no good, mud-blood hating bigot. He desires nothing more than to rule the world, both magical and non-magical, and purify the wizarding race from all half-breeds (wizards and witches with non-magical ancestors). All those things make him sound a bit like Adolf Hitler, actually. The main exception being that Hitler wasn’t able to resurrect himself from the dead.


2. Sauron – The Lord of the Rings trilogy / The Silmarillian 


Middle Earth’s version of the Antichrist, Sauron served the the Dark Lord, Morgoth (Middle Earth’s version of the Devil) before Morgoth was defeated and cast into the void until the end of days. After Morgoth’s defeat, Sauron took over the role of Dark Lord, forged the Rings of Power and attempted to conquer Middle Earth. And sorry if that quick synopsis sounds bit confusing. I did my best to explain it as simply as I could. The point is, this dude is one bad hombre, and is by far the most powerful villain on this list.


1. Dracula – Dracula


He’s not the scariest, nor is he the most powerful. He may not even be the most evil. But there is no denying that he is iconic. There have been countless adaptations of Count Dracula. Some might even argue that Bram Stoker’s original isn’t even the best. Regardless, Dracula, in one shape or another, has haunted the dreams and fascinated the minds of generations. If you think about it, he is kind of responsible for the Twilight series. After all, without him, vampires wouldn’t be cool. Now that is evil! He deserves to be no. 1. No doubt about it.


Or at least that’s what I think. This is only just one opinion, after all. What about you?

Vote below for your favorite. Remember, the most popular choices will go up against villains from movies, video games, and comics for the title of the greatest overall villain of all time!